Wearable Technology

MFA Thesis | Smith Learning Theater | Parsons School of Design

I was the principle researcher and user engagement designer for the implementation of Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™ in the Smith Learning Theater at Teachers College, Columbia University. The objective was to map players in the theater movement to better understand how the space was being used.

Perishable Bodies is a series of garments made from food that are an interpretation of the skin as a metaphor.

The thesis is exploring the skin as metaphor by designing a series of materials that will be an interpretation of distorted body image and eating disorders to help me recover from my eating disorder. I developed these materials, which will cover the body as a second skin, through a combination of research on wearable technology, sustainable material, and distorted body image.

The Thesis paper “Perishable Bodies: A study of wearable technology through the eyes of an anorexic“, was published by The Journal of Peer Production, special issue on Feminism and (Un)Hacking, in January 2016. This project has also been presented at the international New Materialism Conference in Barcelona Spain, September 2014.

For more information on this project, process, and research: Full Documentation of the Thesis Project.

Process Video visually show you how the material is made

The Emerging Convergence of Mobile and Wearable Computing Featuring: Arian Russell Page, Suzanne Lee, Marina Abramović, and Juan P. Hinestroza.

This video essay is a collections of the overall research for the final paper on wearable technology and skin as a metaphor.

Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro with music: Adagio For TRON (From “TRON: Legacy”/Score) by Daft Punk

Video Essay for the class Fashionable Technology with Sabine Seymour at Parsons School for Design. The project shows the process and construction of my final piece for my project material I made from leftover food, recycled paper and slime mold.

Edited in iMovie.

New York, NY.

MFA Thesis | Smith Learning Theater | Parsons School of Design