Exhibition Design for Learning

EdLab at Teachers College, Columbia University

Historical Portraits was a 3 month galley exhibition at Teachers College, Columbia University that highlighted many of the prominent people of the institution. Each portrait had an accompanying iPad Kiosk that informed viewers of the legacy of that person at the college.

Design: 3D rendering prototype, laser cut out gator-board, printed vinyl that label, and physical prototype using 80/20 construction.

Music Lesson was a series of short videos about music programs across the United States.

Mindful Lights is an interactive installation exploring how light and material can create a space for students to experience a moment of mindfulness. Installed in the Teachers College Columbia University Gottesman Library gallery.

Design team: Min Sung Kwak, Seungkyun Lee, and Jackie “Neon” Simon.

New York, NY.

Learning Spaces was a five kiosk popup exhibition feature five short film talking about different learning environments. My role was illustrator, layout, print, and install. Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, NY.

EdLab at Teachers College, Columbia University