Exhibition Designer for Learning

Veronica Black is a Digital Media Educator, Filmmaker, Design, Researcher, Collaborator, and Coder.

Teaching Artist for the Literacy Unbound Summer Institute

With experience in graphic design, researcher, coder, digital media maker, and filmmaker for museums and non-profit, Veronica is passionate about storytelling, media, and collaborating with others who want to share an adventure.

Veronica spent the last fours as a Digital Media Educator at the American Museum of Natural History and a Exhibition Design for Learning Space at Teachers College, Columbia University .

Veronica earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Film-making and a minor in Studio Art at New Mexico Highlands University, where her focus was on documenting and telling stories for non-profit and cultural institutions. She then moved to New York City to pursue a MFA in Design and Technology at Parsons School for Design, where her work explores smart textiles, wearable, and museum accessibility.