Design + Technology

New Mexico Highlands University | Parsons School of Design

Designed the brochure and digital program for the NMHU 2021 Faculty Excellence Celebration.

New Mexico Highlands University, Power of Service kick-off event hosted by the Staff Advisory Senate and Human Resources. Designed and facilitated slides during the event.

Las Vegas, NM.

This project encouraged thinking broadly about domains—medium, toolsets, contexts, audiences, content, experience, problem set, data set, etc. I wanted to studying Art in New York City because I want to find out how the Eco-Systems of art operate in order to understand what influences and relationship between the city and artist.

I produce a short project that explores the idea of studying Street Art in New York City because I want to create graffiti wherever I go in order to change the perception of this art style.”

Music by Gotye “Don’t Worry, We’ll Be Watching You”

In continuation of the OneSubject-ManyProjects, Digital Cave Painting explore the evolution from cave painting to street art. Using an infrared LED, custom glove, Whiteboard mapping software and MAX/MSP patch.

New York, NY.

Physical Computing: Design a circuit that uses sound. This project uses a piezo element sensor that when you “knock” you heels together the LED light up.

New York, NY.

New Mexico Highlands University | Parsons School for Design