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The Emerging Convergence of Mobile and Wearable Computing Featuring: Arian Russell Page, Suzanne Lee, Marina Abramović, and Juan P. Hinestroza

This video essay is a collections of the overall research for the final paper on wearable technology and skin as a metaphor.

In collaboration with The Metropolitan Museum of Art, I worked with a group of MFA students from Parsons School for Design to imagining new ways for people with accessibility needs to experience art and history in museums.

The way-finding mobile application we designed would allows visitors to create a customized map through the galleries for their accessibility needs. The visitor will be able to create a path to current exhibitions, galleries, and artists they choose to see while creating a route that best suites their accessible needs.

We took details surveys of every gallery; what type of natural light verse dime lights, ambience, gallery have an echo, wood floor or carpet, is there stairs/elevator, is there a restroom near by. We paper prototypes and user tested with an advisor panels that offered feedback to supported the decisions and development of the app prototype.

(Design team: Decho Pitukcharoen, Joorie Lee, Anthony Driscoll and Min Sung Kwak.)

Assignment Two from Physical Computing: Design a circuit that uses sound. This project uses a piezo element sensor that when you “knock” you heels together the LED light up.