Design + Technology

Completed a Master of Fine Arts in 2014, and during the two year program the area of study focused on Accessibility + Interactive Design for Museum and Critical Design thinking for Wearable Technology.

Fall 2013 “Museum Accessibility
Partnership between MFA Design & Technology at Parsons School for Design + the Media Lab at Metropolitan Museum of Art.

For three months a small group of graduate students worked with advisor with disabilities to develop tools that would support visitors to choose their own accessibility needs map for the museums.

Demo Video

Ruby Heels! For fashion and protection.
Piezoelectric sensor, Arduino mini, red LEDS.

Spring 2014 “The Emerging Convergence of Mobile and Wearable” critical design class featuring research on trending topic of wearable technology and the implication of the body. The final project of a series of short videos and research paper.

Computing Featuring: Arian Russell Page, Suzanne Lee, BioLace
Music: From TRON by Daft Punk