Animation + Video Installation

“Vision & Drive: The Davis-Sanchez Legacy” is a Short Documentary

This short film highlights the life and legacy of Mr. Leveo V. Sanchez and his family’s continuous contribution to New Mexico Highlands University. The short film is a part of the 2020 Heritage Room exhibition project at New Mexico Highlands University in Las Vegas, NM.

Art Director & Producer: Veronica Black
Director & Editor: Martin Castaneda
Cinematographer: Carlos Vilkerman
Camera Operator: Gabe Reyes
Set Production Assistants: Behshad Yekkeh, Stephen Snyder, Daniel Ulibarri (all students of NMHU Media Arts & Technology program)

“Daedalus & Icarus” is a Stop Motion Animation

This is a short stop motion film my group and I did for our midterm project. It is based off the Greek story of Icarus. And was feature in the Santa Fe 3 Minute Film Festival in 2010.

Sound & Set Design: William Grassie
Character Design: Stacy Romero
Editing & Music: Veronica Black

Video Essay for the class Fashionable Technology

Prototype video that show the process and construction of my final piece for my project in Fashionable Technology with Sabine Seymour at Parsons School for Design. The material I made is made from leftover food, recycled paper and slime mold in 2013

“Cool Night Air” is a Kinetic Motion Graphic Animation 

“Cool Night Air” is written by Benjamin Villarreal. The story is about a dog name Memphis and one cool night in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Original design and animation done in Adobe After Effect in 2013.