Animation + Video Installation

“Daedalus & Icarus” in a Stop Motion Animation

This is a short stop motion film my group and I did for our midterm project. It is based off the Greek story of Icarus. And was feature in the Santa Fe 3 Minute Film Festival in 2010.

Choose Your Own Met Mobile App Map

Museum Accessibility was a collaborative class offered in Fall 2013 at Parsons School for Design in partnership with the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The objective of the class was to work with an advisory panels of museum patrons with accessibility needs and create digital tools that would enrich the museum experience of visitors with disabilities.

“Cool Night Air” is a Kinetic Motion Graphic Animation 

“Cool Night Air” is written by Benjamin Villarreal. The story is about a dog name Memphis and one cool night in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Original design and animation done in Adobe After Effect in 2013.