Accessibility Design

EdLab at Teachers College | Metropolitan Museum of Art

Out-of-this-World Mars Experience” was the inaugural exhibition for the Smith Learning Theater (SLT). The SLT is an immersive space that hosts events advocating collective learning experiences. The “Out of this World” experience invited visitors to learn about space travel, what life might be like on Mars, and STEM education. Visitors would enter the theater, be given a resources packet with a special insignia and be introduced to their captain that would take them through their mission to learn about the resources that will be needed to create conditions for life  on Mars. Then visitors would be directed into spaceships that matched their insignia and go through simulations of flying and landing on Mars. Once there they would have to collaborate with other space travelers to combine resources and start their life on a new planet.

This was a rewarding and impactful project I designed and crewed behind the scenes. I collaborated with other SLT designers to combine immersive theater, projection mapping, and interactive video to take visitors to Mars. My role was to research terraforming planets, build spaceships out of laser cut cardboard, help develop card games that educate participants on resources needed to survive in space, and co-design projection mapping elements that immersed participants in a simulation of life on Mars. 

Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, NY.

In collaboration with The Metropolitan Museum of Art, I worked with a group of MFA students from Parsons School for Design to imagining new ways for people with accessibility needs to experience art and history in museums.

The way-finding mobile application we designed would allows visitors to create a customized map through the galleries for their accessibility needs. The visitor will be able to create a path to current exhibitions, galleries, and artists they choose to see while creating a route that best suites their accessible needs.

We took details surveys of every gallery; what type of natural light verse dime lights, ambience, gallery have an echo, wood floor or carpet, is there stairs/elevator, is there a restroom near by. We paper prototypes and user tested with an advisor panels that offered feedback to supported the decisions and development of the app prototype.

Design team: Decho Pitukcharoen, Joorie LeeAnthony Driscoll, and Min Sung Kwak.

New York, NY.

EdLab at Teachers College | Metropolitan Museum of Art