social recycling

CommonWaste a Social Recycling Project
This project is an examination of what social application and the sustainability effects can have on community through a social recycling network.
CommonWaste is a social recycling project. I was inspired by the artists of (an Initiative of Volkswagen) Bottle Bank Arcade (Figure 2.) game for its community-based involvement and Nintendo Wii’s Animal Crossing: City Folk (Figure 3.), for its color and welcoming environment. My social recycling project would work when you place your recycling into the recycle bins. The bins would have sensors that register the item and transfer your recycling to a social world. There, you and your friends can see the positive effects of your recycling instantly. The more you recycle the more your environment will become clean: the sky gets brighter/bluer, the water becomes drinkable, more flowers grow, and you can invite more people (friends) to live in your world. Together you make the digital world a better place.

CommonWaste from Veronica Black on Vimeo.
This simple animation visually demonstrates how my final project for MFA Design & Technology Major Studio 1 would work.
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