seven + seven project

Back in the Fall 2012 semester in Major Studio 1, we were assigned a 7 and 7 project. The idea was to do seven projects –from start to finish– everyday doe seven days. Here’s what I did:
//Day 1:
So for my 7 in 7 projects I’m doing some wearable art. T-shirt are theme, technology is the goal and my own design is the mission. Haha! Get it? Design and technology! Clever, no?! For my projects I will make a new t-shirt everyday for, you guest it, seven days. The constraint will be, I have to come up with an original design and that design has to do something with technology.
//Day 2:
T-shirt, long sleeve, for today is inspired by the ethernet cable my husband and I share. Since moving to New York and not being loaded down with pockets of gold, we’ve had to cut a few corners. One of which is internet. I am very sad about this. Therefore this design was inspired by my new use of a ethernet cord. Oh you evil little cord!
//Day 3:
I love it when a good idea changes to an even better one. You should see the back of this shirt. I would show you but my photographer sucks.
//Day 4:
So far my next trick, an Arduino. Yay!
The back of the shirt is cut into a V shape with tie up shirt string. The Arduino logo is assembled by levering the shapes on top of each other. Once put together and then stitched together. Ta-Da! Magic cool shirt!
 //Day 5:
For day 5 it loading time! From my original design, shown below, I wanted to use a gradient of color material. The material! The green will be the gradient. It’s loading!
//Day 6:
I dig binary code! I hate this shirt, but I’m a little bias because I hated this job. To help with my t-shirt therapy I choice to combine a love hate to make something cool. The code reads “I Love You.”
Day 7:
HTML shirt
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