physical computing 1

Assignment 1
For my lamp I started out recycling old code using a flex sensor but that didn’t work. In the end I created a simple circuit with 4 LEDs and a Potentiometer. I house it all in a glass pumpkin that was lined with textured paper.

I wanted the lamp to be more interactive then it turned out to be, plus I didn’t have a 9v battery pack to use to find all the wires and Arduino. I will need to get more stuff to make my project clear and easier to show.

Assignment 2

The assignment was to design a circuit that uses sound.My project uses a piezo element sensor that when you “knock” you heels together the LED light up.

Assignment 3
LOL Shield. The assignment was to learn how to solder LEDs onto a LOL Shield and using binary, code a sequence animation for the LEDs. The video shows me soldering and the install of the LOL shield on a purse.

Assignment 4
for Physical Computing 1 – Make something move using a servo or a step motor. This is my crazy rave dancer using a servo motor.

LEFTOVERS” Is a project I started last semester in Sabine Seymour’s Fashionable Technology class.

“RUBY HEELS” Was my second assignment in Physical Computing 1. Using a sensor/component to create sound. I really enjoyed working with the piezo contact speaker and want to experiment with it more.

For my midterm project I chose to experiment with nitinol wire, piezo contact sensor and LEDS.

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