one subject many projects

One Subject Many Projects. For this project started out having us in groups of three or four, select a subject domain around which we would like to produce a small-scale project. Thinking broadly about domains—medium, toolsets, contexts, audiences, content, experience, problem set, data set, etc. As a group, we prepare a 20 minute presentation of our subject domain anchored by a statement:
“[We are] studying _ Art in New York City _ because [we] want to find out how _ Eco-Systems of art operate _ in order to understand what _ influences and relationship between the city and artist _.”
From there, we worked alone to produce a project using the subject domain research as its basis. To guide our project, I wrote a new research statement for my project:
“[I] am studying __ Street Art in New York City __ because [I] want to __ create graffiti wherever I go __ in order to __ change the perception of this art style __.”
Music by Gotye “Don’t Worry, We’ll Be Watching You”
I created this video to go along with the new statement and project.

Veronica Black © 2013