latimer’s lab

Collaborators: Carol Kozak, Seungkyun Lee and Santiago Peraza

The final group project for Interactive Design for Museums and NY Historic House Trust all groups were given a historic house to design community base interactive exhibits projects. Our historic house was the home of Lewis H. Latimer in Flushing, NY.

//Embrace, nurture and catapult the creative — scientific and artistic– through the life of Lewis H. Latimer a African-American Inventor and Electrical Pioneer — evoke innovation and imagination in the minds of the future generations. Latimer invented who lived in Flushing, NY from 1903 until his death in 1928. He worked with Alexander Graham Bell and invented carbon filament for Edison’s light bulb, improved railroad car bathroom, early air conditioning unit plus much more. Through his own creative work he has made space for younger generation have the opportunity to expand their creative visions and explore a wide universe of scientific and artistic possibilities.//
Our final project idea was to utilize Latimer’s home as an Innovative Space to allow community children to experiment and create their own inventions. We called the space Latimer’s Labs, a bi-weekly series of workshop based around Latimer’s career.
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