digital graffiti

infrared LED glove

For my final Major Studio Two project, I wanted to research  the evolution of cave painting to street art in order to understand and create a new type of graffiti.
The plan for this project will be to develop a set of digital graffiti panels/sketches that tell a story. It will be a local culture’s bedtime story or the tale of a historical icon from my neighborhood. By designing and coding the digital art through open source programming languages and software tools, I will be able to experiment with interactive projections, lasers, and community participation to capture the story’s telling. I will also be able to take and screen the digital graffiti wherever I go. My hope is that this will substantiate the idea that graffiti can be beautiful and thought provoking without damaging the spaces on which it is displayed.

The project uses Wiimote Whiteboard software by Johnny Lee, a MAX/MSP patch and a infrared LED glove.