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NOVEMBER 29, 2012
Final Project for Creative & Computation
The Final Project:
Back in October 1st I presented a physical to digital MashUp project in Major Studio. The title for my project is Social Recycling. I was inspired by these artists of The Fun Theory recycle bottle arcade game.
//For full documentation of project: click
NOVEMBER 15, 2012
XML and JSON in My Backpack
For CCLab homework we were asked to write up an XML and JSON document describing the contents of your backpack. In my backpack I have the following;

– Computer (with charger)
– Notebook (with folder to catch extra papers & sketchbook for catching ideas)
– Glass (to read)
– Writing tools (black pen & a pencil)
– Wallet (that holds $$$)
The JSON document
The XML document
NOVEMBER 15, 2012
Opening that Framework
Getting started in Open Frameworks in CCLab. For those interested OpenFrameworks is a open source C++ tool that designs creative process by providing a simple and intuitive framework for experimentation. In short, is does really cool stuff with code.Check out some of my code and quick videos of my projects. Here’s The Code: Download and go! And now the video.
//To see video: click
My OF project is really simple, it just an array of circles that you can miss with by moving you mouse. Very simple!
Another OF project was to write my name, or in my case my husband’s name using code and not font in OF.
open framework
//To see video: click
I used shapes to create B. E. N.
I really enjoy this program and am excited about using it in more projects.
OCTOBER 17, 2012
Arduino + Processing: first go.
project code
arduino & processing
OCTOBER 10, 2012
Personal blog post covering Arduino: Let There Be Code
SEPTEMBER 26, 2012
Pop+Push Matrix gets a class
Pop+Push Matrix and their friends Class.

led switch

Intro to CCLab
I’m very much a virgin code[r] when it comes to Processing. I can, somewhat, code for the web (HTML5), Flash (Action Script) and tiny bit of Xcode. My love for code goes about as far as, will here.  I don’t really get it. It wasn’t important to what I want to do. I knew what I needed to know to finish the assignment and get a good grade. When will I even need code? That sentiment is the old me, the before Parsons — 3 week long — Bootcamp. I am a new coder. I am a brave, ready to face code, coder. During the bootcamp you are introduces to Processing aka Code. It’s one of them thing you either love or hate, black and white. You either understand it or you don’t. I’m not a love or hate kinda person, I’m more of a “I enjoy that” kinda gal. I don’t see in black or white, things are mostly tie-dyed, neon, rainbow and some times 50 shades of gray. Hehe! But at first code and I weren’t seeing eye to [i] — [i] here is representing [i] line of code that tells Processing to draw an array function — just for all out there who don’t know. So my first week with code was rocky. I kinda understood what things where doing, how they worked together to create sketches and tried to understand why I might need code.Code language is not easy for me, it’s my Achilles heel. Fun fact, most languages, compute or otherwise, are hard for me. Blast! I can barely speak English right sometimes. One thing I am is hard-headed and if there’s something that’s stomping me I find away around it. And I did with code. I asked questions. I asked everyone questions. I wanted to learn this. I went to workshops, I did my own research to see what others where doing with Processing, and how I wanted to use it. You see I’m a very very very visual learner. I learn by doing. I learn best when I know what the outcome will be. For example, in printmaking there’s a method called etching. Etching is when you take a metal plate and a sharp point tool of some kind and scratch drawing into the plate then apply ink to the plate and paper and run it through a press. I know that doesn’t sound exciting or hard but the technic as to how you get the drawing on the plate is exciting. There are many different methods as how you draw on the plate but one of them is using acid. You paint (special etching paint (I can’t remember the name)) a coat on the plate. You then etch out your drawing. You dip the plate into the acid and the acid eats away the metal from just the part you drew. There’s more process and I’m sure I’m not explaining it very well, but you get the point. For me it was hard to understand why I needed to go through some much process to get my drawing on the metal. I later figured out my frustration with etch was very simple, I didn’t know what the out come was going to be. I didn’t know how etching looked in the end. I had seen etching before but I didn’t know how it was made. How long the metal stayed in the acid, what line where drawn first. I had to ask my teacher to break it down for me. I needed to know/see how it was down. Then I could go and do it, and I did. You can’t tell me to do something and think it’ll stick. But showing me something, doing something, and I won’t forget. OK some times I will. I’m flighty! But I need to understand if I do this I can add this and together they make that. I have to see it. That’s hard when it comes to processing sometimes.
So all of that just goes to show you that it was hard for me to be taught all this crazy code and then asked to use it to make something interesting. My head couldn’t really wrap around what code function did what and what function did something else. So I copied code I worked on in class and played with it to understand what it did and why. During camp my homework weren’t really bind blowing but they completed the assignment and I learned. The down side of this method was that it was a slow method. I spent to much time working and playing with simple code I got to comfortable with the easy stuff. Oops!
I do that. I get so comfy I don’t adventure out. And I just realized that to. No more then a month into coding and I had not even adventured out into the code world to see what I could do. Lame! All my home for my Creative Computing Lab, or CCLab as we cool kids call it, has been lame. Not exciting at all. That’s going to change. I want to be a good coder, maybe not the best but good. I can do that. I’m hard-headed enough to make that happen. In the end it’s going to open so many groovy doors for me and what I can do. I just got to get over this comfy zone thing with code and make something epic.
For some more fun you can check out my Processing sketches at this link.
Open Processing Sketches
You can checkout my blog I kept over Bootcamp and see all my other fun projects from Code, Web and Design.
Parsons Bootcamp 2012
And for good measures you can follow my Tumblr of crazy meme’s people at Parsons send each other.
Meme’s From Parsons
Show casing some epic code for CCLab, check it out, HERE.This sketch is my snow globe, sorta. I would like it to react to a few more functions, such as, after you get the snow going it falls to the bottom of the sketch. I’m not there yet but with some help from fellow classmate and bugging my teacher with my issues, I might figure it out.
Yay Code… stuff!!!
AUGUST 31, 2012
Week One… Done…
One down, fifteen more to go and so far… awesome!!!
In Major Studio 1 our first weekend assignment is to redesign Facebook and mock-up a prototype. Our teacher is so cool. He’s totally using social networks as our subject matter. Which is so super cool! That’s one of my biggest interest. I want to study and learn more about these social networks. Yay!What’s so great about this class is that we will be working on small projects that lead to a major project. They build on each other and in the end we’re encourage to take our project to conferences, to exhibit it or publish it. I’m so excited for all the wicked things I’m about to learn.In Design for this Century, I’m not to sure yet. The first class was a little odd. D+T student were mixed up with other Parsons AMT students. That ‘s cool and all because we are all “design” students in one way or another. We just think of design different which is nice to have another angle to look at things. I’m excited to explore “design” with a group of people who see design another way.For Dynamic Sound & Performance I’m very excited about this and I’m sure the first class would have been epic if the teacher had showed up. The first night of classes myself and about 16 other students showed up and we waited for about an hour for the teacher. We called people, emailed the teacher, talked about taking turn and teaching the class ourselves. After a hour we gave up on the teacher and left. That really sucked! Because all the other elective class I want to take/or that fit into my schedule are full. I need this class and I need it to rock. After a few days I got an email saying they department was sorry for the lack of teacher and that that teacher will not be teaching after all. They have another guy that will step up and teach it. He taught it last semester and I’m told he was very cool. So it’s looking like it’ll work out. I’ll keep you posted.Creative Computing Lab aka CCLab. I think I’m falling in love. Not to sure yet, haven’t really started the coding thing yet, but I’m really happy with the teacher. The first thing out of her mouth was “you need to find your happy code place.” You can’t force a happy code upon yourself. You have to find the right code for you. Rather that’s web, processing, ardiuno or open frameworks. You must be happy. I love that because code is not my second nature. I’m not sure if I’ll ever really get it enough that I can just  seat down at my computer and start coding and writing my own code. But I’m going to try, I’m going to learn.This is going to be an amazing semester!